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Creator Vularm
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I'm new to the site so not sure if this is just happening to me because I'm the Admin for the site or not.

I had to make polls for apps I copied over to the new site.
I checked Poll, added the 3 Possible Poll Answers, Put in the question, and the expiration date I wanted.

However when I look at the poll it shows:

?/1 [Vote] Yes
?/1 [Vote] No
?/1 [Vote] Undecided

Once you vote, the [Vote] disappears but it does not show the white bar that you normally get when you vote for a poll that is made by the site when someone submits an application.

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This shows for polls that have an expiration date. The idea is that the results remain hidden until the expiration date passes (hence the ? instead of the actual number). All you get to see is the number of votes cast.

It's all in the reflexes.
k thanks didn't realize that

and I'm glad u were able to grasp what I was talking about as I mixed up the whole white bar thing from our old site were w/ ur site it shows percentages. =)

thanks again for the fast support

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