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Support for Eve Online!

Support for Eve Online!
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We would LOVE if this game were supported, lots of cool API functions for corporation management.

Quote by oomph
We would LOVE if this game were supported, lots of cool API functions for corporation management.

BUMP. I 2nd this. I will continue to search the forums for hints of Eve being supported. We are looking at some type of DKP system to award members who donate time and items / ore to the corp. I loved dkpsystem.com for managing the WoW guild. Now that I have moved on to EVE, I'm waiting to hear about support for EVE.

There was some functionality added a while ago that enables you to add any game, even if it is not "officially" supported. All you do is define the basic information (max level, classes, factions, servers, etc.) and the rest is gravy.

Ieyasu - Organizer, Ex Cineribus
This is definitely one of the items on the whiteboard.

I had actually started playing EVE Online a bit to try to get the feel for it, because I know that it's different, and that it has some pretty advanced API stuff for website integration. I didn't play it enough to get the feel for it.

The biggest problem I have, is that I want to be able to REALLY add support for it, not just enable it in the Games list. I know one of the most common requests for EVE Online is something like a "Killboard" which, I've looked at them in the past, but I really don't understand what they are and what they're trying to accomplish.

I understand the basics of EVE Online, harvesting stuff, killing ships and taking their cargo/ships. And I know that EVE has a very transparent developer scene, and that the politics of EVE are much more complicated/integrated than the politics of other games. But beyond that, I don't really understand the specifics.

If someone would want to sit and talk with me about it in vent/ts some time, I'd love to sit down and just discuss what you'd want to see in EVE corp website support. I unfortunately don't know anyone IRL that plays EVE online that I can harass for information. And this, I feel, is something more conducive to a conversation than to some back and forth on a forum.

So the big question is this: What kind of information would you want to record, track, and display on your site for EVE Online?

It's all in the reflexes.
KillBoards are essentially a method that players track kills. Most kill boards that I've used require you to cut and paste a kill mail that you receive in game. There is an opensource killboard floating around on the internet that's pretty good.

Based on kill mail, the kill board factors the damage you did, who you killed, who helped you kill them and what the estimated cost of the damage you did to another player. It's essentially bragging rights for corporations and alliances.

One of the most popular killboards on the net is run by Battle Clinic. They also run a website where players can upload ship builds, which in eve are referred to as "load outs". The beauty of Eve is that it's one large scale meta game. Depending on your skills, there are several ways you can fit a ship. You may fly one ship for solo pvp, another for pve mission running and another one in a fleet or small pirate gang. You have a TON of options. Having a website that allowed you to uploade load outs from EFT (Eve Fitting Tool), which is an XML file, would be awesome. This way corps could share loadouts via a forum or something. Most already do in game, but it would be a nice touch.

Here is the link to the battle clinic killboard:

Battle clinic load outs:


Killboards are important because in Eve it's all about costing people ISK. Corporations set one another back financially as much as possible by blowing up ships and POS's (Player Owned Stations). Eventually if they cost someone enough ISK, they either struggle, leave the region of space or nerd rage and quit

As for harvesting, there is an application out there called Mining buddy, which is open source. It essentially tracks participation on mining ops and allows an appointed mining director to pay players properly based on participation. It's essentially a DKP system for mining resources. Everything in the game is built around ore that is farmed in game, thus the economy really depends on the ore industry. The more in game conflicts that occur, the more demand for ore to manufacturer replacement ships in that region. Eve has the best in game economy of any game. In fact, some players ONLY play EVE as traders. They establish trade routes from region to region or manufacture ships or modules. Some just focus on buying low and selling high in another region.

If you would like to PM me, I can hop on vent some time and help give you some ideas and feedback. Give you examples of applications that make good use of the API etc.
I think the Eve community would love it.

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