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DKP Destinations and such.

DKP Destinations and such.
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Hi everyone,

Im having a bit of a problem, just started using the DKP system from this site and so far I have to say it's alot easier than I thought.

Im still having a few problems. We did Malygos and Malygos the same night and I uploaded the GRSS file and it went good with no hassle.

Last night tho we done Naxxramas and i uploaded the file it registered EVERY boss as it's own raid. We went from 2 raids totalt to 17. I just deleted every boss except KT and added the total DKP to that. But is there anyway to have all the bosses registered to one raid ?

Right now we are giving DKP for every boss so i just used the initialize option in Destinations and it added every Naxxramas boss by itself. There's no problem with it on Malygos or Sartharion as they only include one boss each.

So, how can i make it register Naxxramas as ONE raid but still beeing able to give DKP per boss ?
Know there is a difference between raids and events here.

An event is the day or the run so to speak, and raids are linked to a kill or a manually created snapshot.

Every boss registers into a snapshot, so you have the exact picture of who where there at the kill time.

If you don't want that just disable the addon after you have taken one snapshot or untick them when u are about to upload it. But why don't you want every pic?

I use it like that because we sometimes swap out ppl mid raids, so if I didn't upload each snapshot and I had swapped ppl in or out I would have to make the changes manually.

By using the snapshots at each boss I don't have to do that.

It gives u a bit more work yes when there are more bosses, but you also have a higher lvl of security when awarding dkp.

Maybe Im misunderstanding you, if so apologies

Im well aware about the snapshots and such. We give out DKP for every boss we down and GRSS automaticly takes a snapshot every time a boss is downed to record who's present or not in the raid and on the waiting list. So far so good.

I have used the "initialize destinations" for Malygos, Sartharion and Naxxramas that comes with the DKPSYSTEM. But by doing that it registers EVERY BOSS kill in Naxxramas as a raid. So instead of getting one more raid added to all the people that were present they get 15 raids.

I don't have any problem with it for Malygos and Sartharion as they only consist of one boss in the instance and therefor only adding 1 raid each.

How do i get a full Naxxramas clear to add as 1 raid instead of 15 ?

As said, i can manually adjust it the way i did last time when i deleted all the 14 entries and just gave out the total DKP for Kel'Thuzad instead but im guessing i dont have to put all that work in.

But when looking at our past raids I can see Malygos at one date, Sartharion at one date and then i got a blank raid with no information where we've gone to. It's the one I manually adjusted.
Hes explaining the fact that what you are calling "raids" is referenced as an "event" in the GRSS system (its a bit backwards but you will eventually learn to associate it). And you are likely referring to how the "Current Standing" column that says "raids".

You need to go to the admin and change what columns are displayed have it show "Events" and not "Raids".
Yes, you need to start thinking in the terminology of the website. All 15 of your "raid" snapshots are encapsulated in an Event on the website. Malygos was an event with 1 raid in it. Naxx is an event with 15 raids in it.

The calendar lists the events, the Current Standing page can list both events and raids.

In other words, each boss kill (or timed snapshot) is a raid. The night as a whole is an event.

Like Kriknosnah says, it's certainly backwards to the normal WoW terms, but you'll get used to it and then you can educate others in your guild.

Alright, i see your points. But what if we don't use the raid calender provided with DKPSYSTEM ? When i try to add a event to the raid it just searches for the last raids entered on the calender which are really out of date.
And while im on it, is there anyway I can make Naxxramas or any raid with multiple bosses to turn up as ONE destination and still having GRSS to automaticly take a snapshot at every boss and give out DKP ?

If the only way to get our raids recorded as ONE raid is using the events Im not really sure how i should work it out as we dont use the calender and are not planning on using it either.
My guild does not use the calendar for signups either. We use it solely for scheduling events for DKP entry. So, what I've done is set the calendar permissions so that only I can see it. I put in the destination as a scheduled event just before I import all the raids. Tying the two together so I end up with a Naxx event with 15 boss kills in our logs.

Ah, i see.. that could work i guess. Thanks for the tip!

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