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Text Sizing & CSS

Text Sizing & CSS
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Text Sizing & CSS
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Section of the Site Advanced Layout Options and CSS
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I am trying to make all the text and link in the Logged in Account section of the left side bar the exact same size using CSS.
I have modified what I can using CSS but I am finding it very difficult because some of the font sizes are specified in the code itself. Would you consider removing this code so that it is defined only in the CSS document?

See Code example below. Hard coded font sizes highlighted in bold:

<center style="font-size:8pt">
<a href='javascript:enablerankchallenge()' style='font-size:7.5pt;font-weight:normal'>Wrong?</a><br>
<A href="editprofile.php">Edit Account</a> |
<A href="viewprofile.php?loginid=133">View Account</a>

<br />
<a href="myavailability.php">Availability</a> |
<a href="blogs.php">My Blogs</a>
<br />
<a href="feed.rss/ort8zq9cixm9kyxv16w1v" onMouseOver="transtooltip(this,'This is the URL for an RSS Feed specifically for you. Keep in mind that this URL is specific to your account on this site and should be kept private so you do not want to syndicate this particular feed publicly. The public RSS Feed is simply located at http://www.defiance.dkpsystem.com/feed.rss')">My Private RSS Feed</a>

<center style="font-size:8pt;font-weight:bold">My Character Profiles:</center>

<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0 align=center>
<td style="font-size:7pt">
<a href='memberprofile.php?memberid=987'>Cassandri (80 Priest) </a>
<br><a href='memberprofile.php?memberid=905'>Xata (65 Shaman) </a>
<br><a href='memberprofile.php?memberid=898'>Chriara (71 Rogue) </a>
<a name=createchartext href="javascript:enablecreatechar(1);createchar_needservers('wow');">[Create a Character]</A>
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Try adding the following to overwrite hard-coded styles:

div.logininfo * {
	font-size:8pt !important;

It's all in the reflexes.

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