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Inset forum

Inset forum
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Inset forum
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In the case of full disclosure; sry to say I have decided to use phpbb forums, instead of the forums that "can be available" with the dkpsite. I have used them before & almost the entire guild found it combersome. ANYWAY

I made a link to the site and have tried it both way, to embed it & have it open in its own window. We really like the style of having it embedded in our site but I can't find were to enlarge the height on it. Having to scroll the forum is horrible. I looked under the css editor but could not find it. I set the height to 100% and it still the small window. Any kelp would be geatly appreciated. The sites name is temperedWill

Thanks in advance!
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When I went with out own forum software I did the following:

In the Admin->Menu Administration area

Add New item to Menu
Select which Menu Category to add to in the drop down (For me I left it at the Default Menu)
Label (I just labeled mine Forums)
Is Not a Guide
Choose your Minimum Rank to View
I left Hover Over Text Blank
Select Is Just a link to another page
(This will have changed some options now available)
Select Open as a frame on your page
Enter the dimensions of the frame -- For us, I selected 100% Width and 1200px height This kept the frame to a slightly longer height than the the full set of menus on the left and right of our screen. Feel free to visit http://www.taintedeq2.dkpsystem.com to look
Then I entered the URL for where I have the Forums hosted
I have just changed our height to 1900px to stop all scrolling for our forums (yay my members will be happier!)
Yep, the trick is to set the height in pixels (ie 1200px and not just "1200").

As for finding the forums cumbersome, may I ask what you find cumbersome about them?

It's all in the reflexes.

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