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We have ahd our first application disappear from our site. Bith myself (admin) and my GM, have viewed the application, but we both can not find were it resides. Your immediate help would greatly be appreciated!
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Are they listed here: http://tw.dkpsystem.com/adminappreport.php (use the "Application" pull down if you have more than one type)

That page is accessed via the main menu, which you may have turned off or not thought to check. I just took a few minutes looking through my Admin options to find it myself.

(My guild has all apps automatically posted into the forums so we normally check there)

If they aren't there then that's something for Chops alright.

Also, what's the name of the app that went missing?

It's all in the reflexes.
Quote by Chops
Also, what's the name of the app that went missing?

Found it ty, I did have it off, just moved it to a visible menu, ty

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