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CSS Hosting Location

CSS Hosting Location
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CSS Hosting Location
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Creator Enarra
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Would it be at all possible to have our CSS file hosted in the same location as our site instead of at the normal files location? The reason I ask is because of a few our our members the files URL is banned by their offices but the guild website is not.

I noticed that the CSS for this page, dkpsystem.com itself, always loads correctly so it's CSS and graphic files must be saved locally.

I have no design files other than the CSS. I remember back when I joined DKPSystems the CSS was hosted at the same location...

How hard would it be to allow that as an option?

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You can work around it by targeting /settings/ibr/style.css in your layout file.

By default, it points to the dkpfiles.com server, but ibr.dkpsystem.com/settings/ibr/style.css would work just the same.

It's all in the reflexes.
Fantastic, that works. I'm happy I finally asked!


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