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Help with CSS plz

Help with CSS plz
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Hi, and thx for taking time to answer!

I'm kinda new at this. I have 2 questions (decide to post after 2 days searching for answers). Sorry if my english i not ubber.

I used the Northrend - Arthas template and i'm having an issu with the Stats thing. When i click on it, the stats appears, but they are hidden behind the main content. I tried to change the z-index value for a huge one, so it be in front, but doesnt seems to work.

i want to change the color of the title bar, not the menus on the side, the bar at of the body section. I cant find where in the CSS is it. I know i can use the premade thing, but i just to customize 1 color, not all the thing.



1) You've commented out the "Stats" section altogether on your CSS. Also, remember that // is not a valid comment in CSS. You've got a couple of lines like this:


Which is rendering the z-index line unused until the ; after it.

You'll want to remove the //319 from that for the z-index to do anything.

2) For that, you'll want to see the CSS thats being used to set the background images. Check #contenttopleft, #contenttopright, and #contenttop. That will point to certain images, which you can then download, modify, and upload to your administrative file uploader. Then change the CSS accordingly to point to the new images.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thx so much, especially for the stats box part! I feel like the N00b i am!

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