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Help with GRSS upload

Help with GRSS upload
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I am having a lot of trouble with the grss Down loader, re installed grss about 15 times with the same result.

After installing, I run getgrss input the correct web site everything says its fine, reload WoW (also tried restarting completely a few times) when I open the GRSS interface it shows aftermathDKP in the drop down menu and not my guild. Any ideas how to resolve this?
Make sure you're running the GetGRSSDKP.exe program inside the GuildRaidSnapShot folder. Sometimes people copy the GetGRSSDKP program to their desktop while trying to make a shortcut.

It's imperative that the GetGRSSDKP.exe program is being run from WoW\Interface\Addons\GuildRaidSnapShot. If it's being run anywhere else, it won't work properly.

It's all in the reflexes.

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