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domain.com point to www.domain.com

domain.com point to www.domain.com
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Is there a way to do this on the site? A tutorial I found said to edit the .htaccess file, which I obviously can't access.

I'm using GoDaddy and they sent me on a wild goose chase. Eventually they told me to enable forwarding and masking on the domain to get it to redirect from followersofnobility.com to www.followersofnobility.com. Is this right and will it work? I thought I read something in other posts about there being problems with turning on masking.

Followers of Nobility
Yeah,a don't use masking. Masking is bad.

Stick this javascript somewhere on your page (either in Advanced Layout Options, or in the "HTML Body" field of a menu category)

<script type="text/javascript">
	location.href = "http://www.preferreddomain.com" + location.pathname + location.search + location.hash;

Note: the \. in the first line are not typos.

Make sure you replace "preferreddomain" with your domainname, and make sure you spell it right when you save, or your site will become completely unusable (unless I fix it behind the scenes).

This script will redirect all requests to your site that aren't "www.domainname.com" to www.domainname.com. This includes if someone types "followers.dkpsystem.com" it'll still redirect to "www.domainname.com"

It's all in the reflexes.

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