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Signup changes name - NOT FIXED

Signup changes name - NOT FIXED
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Signup changes name - NOT FIXED
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Creator Misen
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Status Closed
Type Bug
Section of the Site Event Schedule/Signups
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Hi chops,

well the ticket from the other day is still there.
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OK here is whats going on with some pictures for u - hopefully this makes it easier to see

When I open the event for a day our signups look like this:

Notice we suddently have 3 ppl named arknot, a druid, priest and a paladin

When I then click to edit the status of the priest - it changes to the right name, but then the paladin changes to the same.

Then I can do it again for the third one which then results in correct names.

Hopefully this could help you out a bit.
That helped immensely. Found and fixed.

It's all in the reflexes.

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