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Multiable Guilds using same calander

Multiable Guilds using same calander
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Multiable Guilds using same calander
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Creator viperfje
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I am the GM of Defenders of Freedom. We have 2 sister guilds that we run with and share guild chat and forums, calander for all events. Currently we use wowstead..they have an alliance guild app that utilizes the forums and calender of more then one guild. Whatever I put in the events calander appears on all three websites calanders and vice versa.
Do you have this feature and if so, how do I set it up.
If we can get it going..I will have the other guilds move here..I like the functionality of your sites
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Our site currently support having multiple guilds on a single site, in the form of "Guild Rosters". With that method, you would only need one site, especially since they all share the same forum and calendar.

That said, it doesn't however, currently support a way to have multiple sites all tied together, though something like an RSS feed or an XML feed for event information would be an interesting feature to join.

But if you already pretty much share everything, you could quite easily manage having multiple guilds on a single site, each with their own application and whatnot.

But if you must have them on separate sites, I'm afraid the system in it's current form doesn't do that.

Though, as I said, an RSS Feed for events is a good idea, and indeed, there are some plans for implementing integration tools with external sites.

It's all in the reflexes.

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