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WebDKP Importing and dkp managament

WebDKP Importing and dkp managament
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WebDKP Importing and dkp managament
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Creator Elsiete
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For the past few days I have been responsible for transforming our old site into a new and working dkpsystem site. So far I have been able to overcome some problems, but few still remains.

We used WebDKP before and it would be easiest just to import that straight into dkpsystem, but even when I exported the webdkp.lua file to .csv in Excel it didn\'t work correctly.

I could manually add the current stadings using the Mass Adjustment, but I can only see about 10 members, who were on the first and so far the last raid I used GRSS-addon to snapshot. I read these forums for hours and could find a tip to enable Show all (not showing inactive members) but there is no such option in the mass adjustement.

What I would need is either an explanation wow to export and import our webdkp.lua into dkpsystem or how to mass adjust dkp manually for every member registered on the site, even if they have never raided after we started using the grss-addon.

These problems aside, the whole system is very nice and we can't wait to be able to use it to the fulest.

Our site is http://tuonelanlautturit.dkpsystem.com
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Do you use the WebDKP web interface on webdkp.com, or do you just use the mod?

If you use the Web Interface, there's a backup option that produces a CSV file.

It's all in the reflexes.
How does one go about pulling the dkp info off the website for use with the webdkp mod? I see upload but not sure about how to download it after decay has already been done?
Our website does not export to the WebDKP mod. It'll import from the WebDKP system, but once it's been imported, you'll want to use the GuildRaidSnapShot mod for managing your in-game DKP.

There is not currently a dual-way synchronization method from the site to webDKP on our system. It's a one-way deal.

It's all in the reflexes.

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