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Incorrect DKP on one Member

Incorrect DKP on one Member
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Chops, one of our members seem to be inaccurate...
Strongblayde is off by 6 points from where he should be based on what he has looted according to all of our records, and what he has attended.

Our records include a typed loot list at the time loot is awarded. The /who raid information. Our ingame DKP whwere points are awarded at the end of the raid and loot is subtracted at the time of looting. These numbers all lined up as of 5/14. Something isn't right. Can you look into these 2 accounts and see if these is anything stange that may have happened with the Group Point totals on main character only option?
Ok... Here is what happened

Group Point totals on main character only option ENABLED

Blazetongue attended a raid. Points should go to Strongblayde as the main.
This is indeed happening, BUT it is also giving him points as being there on Blazetongue.

I have had to disable this feature. With the issues of doubling the DKP awarded and not showing the loot on the main... it is unuseable at this time.
If you go to the "Raid Attendance" page, and edit the raid that that user has the duplicated attendance, do both names have their checkboxes selected.

Which raid is causing the duplication.

As for the character page showing everything for all characters on the account, this is still in the works.

It's all in the reflexes.
When I went to Admin->Raid Attendance only the main was listed for attendance.

I would not have found the error if I hadn't disabled the Group Point totals on main character only option. When I did that, I suddenly had a variety of alts listed on the current standings. When I went into those individual raids at that point, only the alts were listed (Except for strongblayde on 5/8 both were listed for that after disabling the option).

I have corrected all of those entries at this point. Darke/Avathi, Kascall/Rdlyn, Jynxxie/Keekie, Becker/Zusc, Pymm/Jandyr, Strongblayde/Blazetongue. These were over a number of different raids from 5/8 thru 5/29.
Interesting. I'm going to use a backup of your data to do some additional testing. I'm not sure what would cause it to duplicate a listing.

It's all in the reflexes.

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