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Raid attendence %

Raid attendence %
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Raid attendence %
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Creator Jedis
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Any chance we can get an option to disable the DKP display on a dkp page?

I have a link for Current Standings, and for Raid %, but members and an officer keeps looking at the amount of DKP on the raid % page, and complaining to high heaven that soandso didn't have enough dkp to win.
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You can disable the "Current" (or Total) column on the Current Standings page by heading to Admin > DKP > Current Standings Page, then unchecking the box labeled "Current".

Unfortuntaely, that doesn't remove that value from the Member profile pages or the Raid Analysis, but it at least removes it from the Current Standings page.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yeah, but if I do that, it disables the raid % from both pages.

Basically, we want a link that shows the available DKP standing, and then another link that just shows raid %.

If I turn off raid percentage, it takes it off both pages. Same with DKP numbers.

Current Standings
Raid Attendance

Basically, I want the dkp numbers hidden on the Raid Attendance page, but not the raid %. The opposite for the Current Standings page. I'm in charge of loot and you would not believe the issues I have with member's reading comprehension.

EDIT: The bbcode isn't liking the brackets in the links, so I put the code tag around it.

Followers of Nobility
I See. So you need the different systems to have different modes of display.

..On the whiteboard with that one.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yeah, sorry for the petty request. But if it makes my life easier, I figure it can't hurt to request it.

Followers of Nobility
Same as my request here I believe: http://www.dkpsystem.com/ticket.php?ticketid=784 (from back in January *cry* )

Not quite the same thing.

Mine are both the same system, I just change the time frame with the different link


We base raid attendance over the last 30 days. However, if we use the full DKP page from the beginning, raid % is based upon since it was started being recorded.

We need to use the 30 day link to get the proper raid percent. We don't want the raid % on the same page as the DKP amount available -- it is confusing people.

Followers of Nobility
We're similar (the 30 day thing), I just split attendance from DKP in two systems so that bosses no longer count towards attendance, but yeah, we want to turn fields on and off more dynamically as well.

Yeah we run a 60 day RA of 25%, and some of our members who have been with us at creation of guild. who have gone AFK for a long time, get put inactive. and when they come back their RA is totally messed up if the joined at the start of a 60%, so i had to create a custom calculation for TOTAL RAIDS in a 60% period.

100*(raids/totalraids) is what i used.

Would be nice though to have a sep area for DKP standings, and one for Raid attendance which can be more customized. Cause like Jedis, i am the dkp officer, and i have ran into some issues with RA and looting as well.

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