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Uploading DKP raid log

Uploading DKP raid log
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Uploading DKP raid log
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Creator Jedis
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I upload the log using the log uploader, today's date shows in the box. I select the event from the calendar with the same date.

Enter the rest of the values and hit submit. Then when I go back to it, the date field is hidden and shows the event with today's date that matches the calendar. But the raid shows up in DKP as the day before. So, if I go back in to edit the raid, and change the event to none, the date field pops back in and it's showing the previous date. So I change that back to the correct date and select the event again from the list and then it updates and matches.

It's causing issues with people saying they were at a raid on a day, but they weren't because it's showing the prior day on a person's DKP page unless I go in and do what I said above.

It must be related to the time zone issues that went in lately because I never had to do this before.
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Thanks for the heads up. There haven't been any recent changes to the timezone code (not for a few months, anyway).

It's all in the reflexes.
It's probably been like that since the changes. I just never noticed until someone pointed out the date was wrong on a recent event. Since then, I figured out what I posted above in order to fix it.

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