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chainligth elemental shaman

chainligth elemental shaman
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my name is stian and im 20 years old my inntrsets are wow other pc game's and friend ofc

ingame i have cleared nax 10/25 os10/25 and some bosses in uldar normal and hc mode none in hard.

link for my gear


atm was my pvp gear on i hope it change to my pve gear will have it on to it change..

and i was told buy tsuki about your guild was recuting so i was thinking give it a try to see if they want me and give me a chanse

reason why i want a new guild is becuse the curent 1 im in they speak mostly italian and i dont understand italian and i like to you ex.ventrilo. and curent guild dont use that they use ingame speak...

i also got some alts on server 80 prist 80 warrior 80 dk
warrior and dk got dps ad tank gear but my shaman is my main as elemental but also got rest gear for chainligth

if anny question dont be afraid to /w me ingame

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