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Deleted accounts and forum posts

Deleted accounts and forum posts
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Is there a way to still have it leave the name of a person whom made a post, just don't display a clickable link since their account has been deleted? To go with this, maybe a popup that comes up when you delete an account, asking if you want to delete all of their forum posts, too.

The thread view shows Last Poster with their name, if you click it, it says 'invalid account'. Viewing the thread, it shows 'deleted' where their name is located next to the post.

Guild churn is a common thing in MMO, and a bunch of posts with 'deleted' next to them makes it look tacky. Maybe their name, with no clickable link, and 'removed' in the spot where their rank is. Something to that effect.

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Yeah, this is a something that needs to be fixed. Thanks for the reminder.

It's all in the reflexes.

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