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Greetings, question about Aion

Greetings, question about Aion
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Hey everyone, hope all is well

I was curious as to the whether or not we would be getting some good Aion Online drop in templets to build off of soon? The game is already quite huge in Asia, and the North American and EU Betas are equally huge now. We're going into closed Beta event 3 this coming weekend, and I know for sure that I'd like to start working on our guild's new website asap

Thank you and again I hope that everyone is doing well!
I am a currently a Guild Raid/Event Director Officer for Lord of the Rings Online and have played almost every MMO known to man, lol! I have been keeping an eye on Aion since I first heard about it and have just recently bought the pre-order collectors edition. I am looking possibly for a new home to go to daily.

From what you have seen in the Closed BETA's so far, would you say that this game is worth the purchase and has potential? If this game is as good as it sounds like, I will be fighting in this world with you, lol!

Please feel free to express any suggestions, comments, screenshots, etc. with me if you like, I would greatly appreciate it!

Hey there mstnqmusic!

I was an inhabitant of Middle Earth for quite some time as well hehe. I can honestly say that the quick answer to your question is yes.

Here are some recent posts from around the web:
November 14th 2008:

Kotaku states "http://kotaku.com/5086956/koreans-flock-to-aion-beta-in-record-numbers

Korean gamers love their MMO games, but apparently they're loving on one more than most. That one is Aion: The Tower of Eternity from NCsoft. The open beta test for the game launched earlier this week over in the land of...Korean things, and already they've surpassed 170,000 players - and that's concurrent. 170,000 players all at once, all for Aion. Knowing Korean gamers, they're still playing right now, or at least the survivors are.

April 8th:

So, Aionsource: http://www.aionsource.com/forum/news-announcements/12819-more-quick-news.html

stated that "Editor's Note: According to an industry insider, Aion's peak concurrent user (PCU) total reached 250,000 in the first two hours of open beta testing. Aion began open beta testing at 8 am on April 8"

So, by North American release, are they at least going to pass 1 million active subscribers?

UPDATE! April 21st

Aion has well over 1 million subscribers. This game ROCKS!!!!

1 million in China, and growing?

We knew Aion was a hit in Korea (currently the most popular MMO on the market there), but Aion's success in China was something of a wildcard...until now.

Shanda's (Nasdaq:SNDA) licensed pay-for-time western fantasy MMORPG AION recorded more than 1 million paying users by April 19 in the five server farms in commercial operation. The game began charging RMB 0.48 per hour with the release of its first commercial operation version 1.0, "Yao Sai Pan Long," on April 16.
Source: JLM Pacific Epoch - Shanda's "AION" Hits 1M Paying Users

OK... lol hopefully you just skimmed through that. But if you use that info as a bit of an appetite-wetter, then the rest is an easier read

I actually played the korean beta back in November of last year at a friend's home while visiting Washington DC. At the time, they did not have the textures or detail fully implemented, it was a shell of the game while they did some stress tests. Even then, it looked a bit like Guild Wars graphically. If WoW is the least common denominator (ugh.. both graphically and otherwise lol) then I can safely say that it kicked wow's a$$ aesthetically. The server was smoooooothe as well, ping was in the 150 range on a rather normal setup. To reiterate- this was a computer in Washington D.C. playing on a Korean Server. We were impressed with their server performance alone.

North American gamers will have the advantage of having a fully working game brought over- the beta tests that are being run right now are quite fun for us to play through. The game is running very, very smoothly even with packed servers and graphics cranked up- as a LotRO player you probably had the same wonderful experience as I did with the aesthetics of Turbine's take on Middle Earth. I can say that it meets similar standards. Difficult to put it ahead or behind simply because we do not have a final version of the engine yet, so until I have all of the detail sliders in front of me, I'll hold back on that review lol.

A rather large reservation that I had was that it was described by many as a VERY "Korean/Asian" game. Typically many Asian based mmo's are very manga/anime in art style with tons of xp grinding. While there's always room for some grindage here and there, I wasn't too sure if I wanted my pets to look like Pikachu while I'm fighting hehe. I can safely say that the art style is breath-taking. Not the Hello Kitty style that I was expecting, but very polished and unique. Fighting was fluid and armor and gear as well as spell effects seemed to flow with the moment.

As you can probably tell, I'm a gamer lol. I'm a bit older than most gamers at 31 but I've come to realize that it is a hobby that is a bit migrant. You're lucky if you find a game that you can sit and just play for years. I think that I found that in a few mmo's in the past, but right now just about everything feels stagnant. Remixes of old raid bosses and encounters, and pvp that you've already seen or done a million times over.

I'm happy to say that Aion looks and feels fantastic even in Beta, and I can see from the huge, quick, and efficient changes that they've made in the first few beta events that the potential is most certainly there.

Apologies for any typos, I typed this out on a netbook while doing some other things
I really appreciate the feedback, and so quickly. I have been looking at all sorts of articles and forums about Aion tonight, and I must say... Most people share the same interest as you do.

I unfortunately I will be out of town for this weekends BETA, but I am bringing my laptop with me and I do get satellite Internet, so I am hoping that I will be able to get online and run it decently.

I have had my day as a Guild leader in the past. I will not be starting any guilds in Aion from what I can tell, so maybe we can hook up in the future sometime and battle it out together. Good gamers are hard to come by...

See you on the other side
That would be great! Yes, I too can't see myself starting a new guild as a GM again... those days have come and gone. I will be reworking our website though and supporting some of the other leaders from other mmos that we led guilds in.

We'll definitely see each other and our vent is always open to gamers regardless of the game or faction therein!

Also, that website: http://aionsource.com has been great, they have very, very active forums and the forum members have been very good at updating their posts every beta weekend. Even if you don't get the connection that you want over the weekend, you can at very least see what ppl are talking about.

Catch you later!

Also, seems like just about everyone is going to be asmodian lol... Elyos still looks very very tempting. Who knows ? hehe
I agree... Which side to choose is always a difficult one, lol! I have always been a Melee player, so I will be rolling on the Champion side.

I guess we will see what the BETA offers this weekend!
Wow... 324 views? There appears to be quite a bit of Aion interest indeed
Aion is definitely going to be getting some love

It's all in the reflexes.
Gracie: I'd go with you but...
Jack Burton: I know, there's a problem with your face.

Chops I've used dkpsystem.com for my own guilds as well as referring others in mmo's to dkpsystem.com, and I have to say that you have always come through for us
Your avatar makes me crack up every time I see it though... definitely one of the greatest movies of all time!
Hah! Yeah, that movie is infinitely quotable. It never gets old!

What makes me sad is that I keep missing the Aion closed beta weekends. I was in Tabula Rasa until the end so I get the Aion beta weekends, and yet every weekend they have one, I manage to be out of town for some reason or another.

It's all in the reflexes.
I have also pre-ordered the Aion Online CE and will be online for Closed BETA. Chops, you need to get on the ball with some new Templates, lol!

Hope to see you on the other side
Hey my site is due in like 40 days and i just wanted to know if you plan to add new drop down templets for WoW
i only ask cause some guildies said it's been the same look for ever
There are indeed new WoW-themed templates planned, including a Cataclysm one and a few others.

It's all in the reflexes.

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