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DKP and decay questions

DKP and decay questions
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Hi Chops!

First, thank you so much for all the new features! Very helpful!

1.) I run an FFXI based site and we have 4 DKP systems (I know this is a rare way of doing things). I was wondering if there is a way to display current standings from all dkp systems on the same page? For example:
Player NameDKP 1DKP 2DKP 3Date of last activity (most recent event from any DKP)

2.) With the way FFXI is set up, you can be a part of different guilds at the same time and switch between them interchangably in-game at any time. Due to this player flexibility, unless a member comes to me and says "hey, I'm not coming back" or I kick them, it leaves a large number of people who simply "disappear". Until this point, I've had to go through the 4 dkp current standings pages manually and click on the names of the players whose "last raid" date meet my criteria for retiring (I do not want to delete their points) to check that they haven't shown up to an event from another DKP. We have 90 players (not including alts) who have been active since the beginning of May so you can imagine how cumbersome this is.

Is there a way to auto-retire someone based on all 4 DKP's activity as opposed to decay and generate a list of those people and their last date active? Or perhaps is there a way to configure "current standings" to show the people who HAVEN'T been active in the last 90 days?

3.) Is there a way to remove the option to "show all" on current standings and have it permenantly show all?

I know you won't let me down ^^

-Sushii from lolSkynamis
Glad you like the changes!

You've hit me with some hard questions here:

1) Not currently, though there are some plans to allow some really customized views of the current standings

2 & 3) Those are some tough ones. Bear in mind the point of the "Show All" and "Show Active" links is to hide and show players who haven't raided in X days (where X is currently 30, though it's slated to be customizable or disablable). If 1) happens, then the "Show All" option can be set to autohide players that haven't been active in all applicable systems for X days.

But at current, I'm afraid you're in a tight spot until the functionality gets expanded.

It's all in the reflexes.
Chops buddy! It's your favorite pain-in-the-ass FFXI client back with another question!

First tho, I want to say you've saved me a TON of time w/ the mass change thing on the Characters menu! That is suuuper helpful on retiring/deleting ppl!

Since you guys have implemented that and the mass dkp adjustments menu, I was wondering if there's any way you can do the same with the items received menu? The issue I'm having/have had forever, is that in FFXI, some nights we end up with 15-25 items from one event. Would it be possible to have like a mass items received option? What I was thinking was something like the following:

Drop downs for the normal stuff that's already there for system/event and then
Player Name drop down menuItem drop down menuPoints Spent text box

What do you think? Possible?
A mass item page would be a worthwhile thing to add. Thank you for the suggestion.

It's all in the reflexes.

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