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Recruiting icons missing

Recruiting icons missing
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Recruiting icons missing
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Creator Ellana
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Some are showing some arent. have refreshed my browser a few times, and still nothing.

I know our site uses a custom CSS, but i cant find any where in the coding where these are held.

I am not the org Admin for the page, i recently took it over.

So any help would be grateful.
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It looks like your site's admin was relying on the icons provided by another guild (followers of nobility at http://followers.dkpsystem.com), and that apparently the admin of Followers had removed some of the custom icons, which resulted in your icons being removed.

You can change the icons by heading to Admin > Games > Games, then clicking "Classes" and editing the classes which are missing the icons. You'll see where the icons are pointing, and specify different locations, or remove the reference to the icon altogether to remove the broken image.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ahh thank you so much chops, thats exactly what i was looking for. Your the man.
I changed the site's name (from followers to fon) - that's why the links were broken. I did it because of my perfectionist character flaw... fon made more sense than followers. Well, that and I wanted to see who had listened and changed their bookmarks to followersofnobility.com and to see who complained the site wasn't loading, lol.

I had enough stuff to change on my own site once the name was switched over, didn't even think about other people linking to those images! Sorry

Followers of Nobility
No worrie's i found some new icons i wanted to use, and being the new admin for RBB's page, i am still learning where everything is.
Very nice new icons, Ellana. Where did you find those icons?

It's all in the reflexes.
found them on Magelo's page, he has some pretty neat ones for WoW too.

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