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Bug or not...you decide

Bug or not...you decide
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Bug or not...you decide
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Creator Ellana
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Type Bug
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Every time i make a new ranking, and Move it up the ranks. it seams to Set the one below it to a diff number then it should.


I have ranks for ALT/BOX's that i set to 0
we have apps,mains, officers and admins all set to 1

When I went to add in a Honorary Member, and then move it above apps, It set all the apps to 0 DKP.

So every stamp that i uploaded apps got 0 DKP. Now i didnt notice this for a while, i just upload and impute date and click submit.

After i realized this happened i had to go back to EACH stamp, and change them. BOY what a chore that was.

Anyways not sure if it's a bug or that's how its supposed to work.

ONE other thing, we've been having issues with. its the current standings and RA being.

We would really like to be able to have the RA and current standings separate from each other with a bit more customization added.

Cause we are having this issue
take this member THIS is her 60day RA/Current standings
Cambrian 8/17/09 - 9/1/09 28 - 80.0%
This is incorrect due to the reason, we had 124 total raids in this 60 day period. but this player was gone for a while, so she went inactive. and started raiding again on 8/17.

Now where this causes problems, is when this member goes to look at her RA, she see's 80% and feels she can bid for items. WHEN in all reality she really has a 22.58% RA.

I got this by adding in the custom column, but this is throwing people off. seeing numbers and not a %.

ANYTHING you can suggest to me to help with these issues i would be very greatful. Being the DKP officer i need to be able to look quickly when items are being bid on to see who is not at the required RA.

I love using this network for our web page, and dkp and forums. just a few minor issues that have been a PITA.

Thanks again
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When you say you set it to a "different number" are you referring to the point ratio for the destination?

As for the raid attendance percent bug, I think I have an idea what's causing it. I'll have to look a little further, but I think i know what's causing it.

I should have it fixed today or tomorrow.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yeah when you go into the destination. and you have all your listings.

and lets say i moved Honorary Member above app, and app was set to 1, but Honorary Member was set to 0, it reverses those 2 numbers.

Setting app to 0 and Honorary Member to 1.

Or if i add others ranks as well, what ever the one before it is, the number gets switched between the ranks it moves to. EVEN if i moved it all the way to to top, it would bump the Destination value to 0 or 1.

This even happens when you delete a rank.

Thanks again for replying so quickly Chops.

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