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Loot System Problems

Loot System Problems
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Loot System Problems
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Creator Mandrella
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Alright I'm running up against a deadline here and system still isn't working correctly. Me and my raid admin have waisted 3 or 4 days now working with the GRSS mod. I think we've got the mod figured out but now that data we're uploading is all messed up on the web site. We're getting negative numbers and numbers higher the what the GRSS mod show's in game. If I can't get this worked out very quickly I'm gonna need to move on and find another loot system of some sort.
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What kind of issues are you having. With EPGP, there should be no negative numbers unless you're making an adjustment of some sort. Otherwise, all numbers entered into the game dialog boxes and on the website should be positive. For example, When asked how much did X spend on Y, make sure you enter "10" as opposed to "-10" (assuming Y costs 10).

What is the discrepancy between the game and the site?

Give me a call sometime today and I can help you out 414.940.4866. I'll be around to take calls after 4pm CDT. Otherwise, leave a message and I'll call you back today.

It's all in the reflexes.

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