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Be able to post Hybrid Posts in formus LIKE you can on the news.

Be able to post Hybrid Posts in formus LIKE you can on the news.
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Would like to see if this would be possible to add into the forums. Its like that on the news so why wouldnt it be able to be done on the forums.

And if it would be possible, make it so that it can be something that can be given permission to be able to do.

Some of the others would like to be able to do HTML hybrid posts, so that every time we want to do something hybrid between the two we don't have to clutter it into the News Area.

Now if there is a way to do this, i dont see it and could you point me into the right direction for it.

There is not currently a way to do it with the system. Part of the reason that HTML isn't allowed on the forums directly at this point like it is on the news, is that the news updates typically will only be done by administrators/officers/trusted users, while normal forum posts can usually be done by anyone.

Someone clever can tinker with the HTML directly and post a forum post that includes something malicious (something as simple as breaking the layout of the page, or something as malicious as entering some javascript).

Because we haven't built an HTML sanitizer yet, forcing users to use BBCode for forum posts is a security measure to prevent users from causing too much trouble.

It's all in the reflexes.
No prob, understand that.

have an officer who's making puzzles, and I couldnt figure out of the custom bbc code to work with the link. He wanted to do more puzzles, but didnt want to cluster the news with them, being that they are on the main page.

Guess i could tell him to Set to Date to way in the past....as a work around till you figure out how to build ya HTML sanitizer.

Again thank for the prompt response chops.
He could make a custom menu item. Those allow HTML, then he can have his own dedicated page.

Admin > Menus > Menu Administration, then click "Add New Item to this Menu"

It's all in the reflexes.

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