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Creator Moonora
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Type Bug
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Within the day some members pointed out to us that they hadn't been able to see the Shoutbox for over a month.

We first asked them to make sure they hadn't minimized it.

Our rank system is broken up from Officer, Raider, Member, Friend, Visitor.

Those at the Member rank (crimson blood) seem to be unable to view the shoutbox. We then checked the settings and assured that shoutbox was set to Crimson Blood rank, which it was.

We further tested it by demoting a raider to member, who then reported he could not view the shoutbox. Once he was promoted to raider again, he could see it.

We're not sure why, but even though access is set for Crimson Blood rank, that rank is unable to view the shoutbox.
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You'll also want to make sure that the Menu itself isn't hidden from the ranks.

Head to Admin > Menus > Menu Administration, then click [Edit] next to the Shoutbox menu.

There should be a minimum rank on that page also.

It's all in the reflexes.

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