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Creator dave2218
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I am noticing a trend since VoA in Wintergrasp that after bosses die an automatic SS is not taken. In ToC there are multiple SS taken for 1 boss kill, yet others are not taking a SS. This is becoming a major problem, and it adds to the time it takes to properly manage the guild DKP. I am training a new person, and all these BUGs are a pain to explain. Since VoA has been out forver, and it was never fixed, I am wondering if it is time to move to a different DKP system.
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Thank you for the report. Is there a pattern to which bosses you're finding aren't generating automatic snapshots in VoA?

Or in the case of ToC, which bosses generate multiple snapshots?

The biggest cause of an auto-snapshot not being taken is when the boss doesn't actually die (think Attumen the Huntsman or Majordomo executus or the Chess event in Karazhan, which just ends with "The Halls of Karazhan Shake" or something like that). In those cases, special conditions need to be custom coded.

I know for sure that the Faction Champions event doesn't generate a snapshot. I'm still trying to find a way to make that one work.

But if you can help with clarifying what's not working as it should, I can do my darnedest to fix it for you.

It's all in the reflexes.
Just to maybe help clarify the issues that we /I have noticed since ToC has come out.

Let's take the first boss in ToC, Technically [The beasts of Northrend]
In the dkp mod, you have all 3 of the "mini" bosses listes, but collectively they are the first boss, Gormok, Acidmaw, & Icehowl. The chest does not appear till icemawl is dead, but we have screen shot of 3 not four because along with acidmaw there is dread scale. Thes 4 creatures make up the first boss of the event.

Then we have lord Jarraxus

Next if the Faction Champions, which I have created a seperate ticket on (Hopefully we are close to a resolution on that)

Then we have the Twins (they can be killed in any order) but we don't seem to have any problem with them.

last is Anub Ar'ak, we NEVER get a SS of this death, so it never records, maybe it best if the whole insitance can get a second look?

As far as teh second group (acidmaw & dreadscale) they can be killed in any order, but Icehowl is the last to die.

Hope this helps

Remember, It's a game, Have fun
Never go to bed angry
Thank you for the clarifications. That does help.

It's all in the reflexes.

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