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Raid Availability

Raid Availability
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Raid Availability
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Creator Misen
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Type Suggestion
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Hey Chops,

I was messing with the raid availability section and have a few issues for you to work on :)

1) I'd like to be able to reset the whole thing even though ppl have marked their availability as "do not change". I've seen several others asking for this around the forums, but no ticket afaik.

2) Today we can't filter it on either web account level or on roster level - this means that it shows every person created on our forums! So if old members have set "do not change" then I can't remove them >.<

A few ideas for you - I know you miss something to do hehe :)

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A few ideas for you - I know you miss something to do hehe

Haha! I've been quietly plunking away behind the scenes working on some new and exciting stuff.

But yes, the Raid Availability needs some work, particularly the two features you mentioned, both of which were slated, but a reminder always helps

It's all in the reflexes.
Awesome - look forward to see the new features as always

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