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Possible to be able to sort items by Name or Note

Possible to be able to sort items by Name or Note
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Possible to be able to sort items by Name or Note
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Creator Ellana
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Just wondering if this is possible, under the admin area for input items.

I make sure i put notes on all our items so that when we no longer raid an event for DKP, i hide the items so that DKP is not refunded to a player who got the item in the past. But as the list gets longer and longer it's becoming an issue having to scroll up and down looking for the event and item so that i can hide them.

Just wondering if it would be possible.
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Hiding an item doesn't refund the DKP for an item, only deleting an item.

Or am I misunderstanding you?

It's all in the reflexes.
yeah i know that hiding them doesnt refund the DKP, i dont want the dkp refunded.

I want to be able to hide items that we no longer charge DKP for.

Say this was my list of items
Item Name Note
item a1event z
item a2event a
item b1event b
item b2event b
and so on for pages and pages of items
item z255event a

And we stop doing event A, now i want to be hide all the items for Event "A" but they are all over the list and on differnt pages, what i would like to do is be able to sort by either "ITEM" name or the "note" columns.

Does this make easier to understand?

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