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EPGP and the website

EPGP and the website
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I know this question has had to have been asked, but I can't find it through the search. I saw some posts that looked like it may have been my answer, but not 100% sure, so I'm posting to make sure.

I am using EPGP with my guild right now. I am however running into two problems.

One problem is when I upload it is only grabbing like 16 people. I believe that may be because these are the people that are not at the default just come to raid get your EP. They either did some extra farming or they obtained loot. I counted the people that did do the extra ep job and/or obtained loot and it does in fact match. So is there some way to make sure that everyone shows up that came to the raid? Also these people that are uploading are showing as inactive. I believe that may be due to me not having the raids associated? I uploaded this data via the EPGP mod importer by the way.

The other thing is the loot values. Is there a way to upload these automatically form the EPGP mod or to grab them like we grab the items "initialize" them?

And sorry I thought of one more thing. When i run 5 mans the mod pops up in there as well... It gets really old really fast. Do I need to turn it on and off for raids and 5 mans or is there and automated way to tell it to leave me alone unless I'm doing a raid?

Thanks for any help on these matters.
Could you upload (to this thread) the EPGP file that you're uploading to the site so that I can use it for testing? This way I can try to replicate the failure of the mod to capture more than 16 people (I don't have an explanation right now why it would do that, so the raw data will help).

Currently, there is not a way to import the item values from EPGP to the site, unfortunately. There are plans, however, to implement customizable stat-based formulas to the loot system, though this functionality is not ready (and of course, it'll have to completely change when Cataclysm comes out, given the way they're completely redoing itemization).

The 5-man thing should indeed be a setting, but is not currently. Simply doing /grss noloot and /grss yesloot will stop the item popups. There are some guilds that use the mod for 5-mans, but I can completely understand the frustration of having it pop up during 5-mans.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks for the response. I did in fact find all the answers I was looking for, except the items values, but that is answered now.

The uploading process for the EPGP mod upload is missing the ability to do 2 things.

1) it does not upload base GP form the mod since it is not actually in the file itself but a setting in game.

2) The uploading process does not associate the uplaod with a destination (raid) so it show people as inactive.

The 16 people were showing inactive because of number 2. Only 16 people were uplaoded because the file itself was missing the other 14 or so people. So this was not a problem on your end.

One thing that can come out of it as a sugestion is the option to set a base GP for members on the raid roster, and set it to a detination like EPGP start or something that could be set for a new raid member. Welcome to Absolute!! (guild anme) as a destination maybe? Or maybe that can already be done after the upload?

As for the /grss noloot yesloot thing.

I made a work around for myself. I made two macros one for turning it off with /grss noloot and then one for turning it on. But that would prove to be forgotten sometimes and cause issues when we dropped a riad boss. So I fixed that to be included with a snapshot of our On Time EP Reward.

/ra Thank you all for being on time 30 EP has been rewarded to everyone in the raid
/grss on Time Reward Snapshot
/grss yesloot

Which actually leads me to another question. I know we have the /grss adj but is there a way to just pass massive EP amount to people manually in game?

And one more question...
Does the loot system distinguish between heroic gear and normal gear? I did not see two sets of gear with the same name but different stats in the initialized zone lists.

I'll also still upload the raw file tonight that you asked for, I'm on a dfferent computer right now.
Here the LUA file

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