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Recurring event fails with no error

Recurring event fails with no error
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Recurring event fails with no error
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Creator Nomad_Wanderer
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Type Bug
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I'm trying to create a recurring event. I fill out the fields, and hit submit, recieve no error message, and it goes back to the event schedule page.. no event listed.

Please advise
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I was able to create a recurring event on your site without problem. But so that I can test, what information are you entering (the easiest would probably be taking a screenshot before you save). Then I can try to replicate the exact input your using and figure out why it's failing without an error message.

It's all in the reflexes.
Here are two screenshots
I'm pretty sure the problem has to do with the lack of an End Date. Recurring Events cannot be done indefinitely, and also, I strongly recommend doing at most 3 months at a time, extending as needed (this is for performance reasons).

But thank you for the heads up. There should definitely be an error message for it.

It's all in the reflexes.

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