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application by humack

application by humack
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im a 78 mage with 210 aa's. i currently been playing EQ for 2 years. i have alot of experience with it. i have been in anguish and some SoF raids. i have good gear for a 78 mage. i do about 0-9k damage non crit and 0-15k critting i usually do around 3-7k a dd. i have 13k hp and 15k mana. im 12 years old. im been playing this guy from level 1. i cant really tank or anything like that but my pet is a strong pet. i can solo with a merc mobs that usually 78 mages wouldnt be able to. im looking for a friendly guild, a sometimes raiding guild that has a lot of members and sometimes alot of members on at once. members around my level i would like. i am very experienced with SoF and SoD expansions. i love to make new friends and group alot. email or contact me in the game. my email address is coltonbruley@hotmail.com. in game send a tell to Humack.
I should let you know that this is just the site for a site hosting company, and not a guild website?

It's all in the reflexes.

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