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Guild Website not showing after domain name change

Guild Website not showing after domain name change
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Guild Website not showing after domain name change
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Creator Melisha
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Ok, I had this problem before so I reviewed my previous ticket about the issue and went to double check about it, but nope no mischievious little "." at the end this time. I changed my domain url to www.organizedchaos.org. I created an A list record and pointed it to this server. Now, it leads me to DKPSystem.com home page. I am able to get to my site through www.deathb4disloyalty.dkpsystem.com page, but unable to get it through my domain. Please advise as to what is neceassary to fix or tweak it for me please.
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The problem you're having is with your splash screen.

The "Enter" link on the splash screen points to http://www.deathb4disloyalty.com/news.php , which obviously isn't the right address.

If you change the splash screen to point to the right address, the problem will go away. Alternatively, you could simply disable the Splash Screen (all done in Admin > Layout > Splash Screen).

To bypass the splash screen, head to http://www.organizedchaos.org/news.php

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