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Private threads
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Flurry of questions...

Okay so I want to create a thread (multiple ones) in which I can always have officers in the thread, but i only want one trial in the thread. I tried this with private threads, but they only get the email saying there was a post in the private thread, but they canno view the thread nor can they post (obviously if you can't see it).

My ultimate goal here is to create threads in which the officers can see it, and the one trial can see it, but not the rest of the guild. Is this currently possible?
It is possible. You'll want to make the private thread, but make sure that the thread tag you choose is something that the trial member will be able to see. If you were to make a private thread including the officers and the trial member, but choose the thread tag "Officer" (which is limited to officers and above), the Trial member would not have access to view the thread.

Does that make sense?

It's all in the reflexes.
Yeah that does. Thanks

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