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Dkp standing and more then one dkp system

Dkp standing and more then one dkp system
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Maybe it is just me, but I have never been able to get the DKP standings to show more then one DKP system at one time. I would like to have one DKP system for something like TOC and a new one set up for ICC but for people to be able to see them when they click the DKP standing link on the site. Am I missing something?
The built-in "Current Standing" links on your site are currently disabled, and are replaced by a single manually created one.

The menu system will create multiple menu categories for each DKP system, and will display a different current standing page for each.

In your case, you've just got a link to dkpmember.php, which on its own will simply grab the first DKP system on your site.

Head to Admin > Menus > Menu Administration, re-enable the DKP menus to get the new links. The alternative is to get the DKP System ID from the "Edit DKP System" page and append it to the standings link like so:

dkpmember.php?dkpsystemid=X (where X is the ID of the respective system).

Does that make sense?

It's all in the reflexes.
Ha! I knew it was me.. thanks chops.

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