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Notes Section

Notes Section
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Ok so i have had a rash of guild members telling me they are taking a hiatus for a few months, is there a way you could add a section for each member that admin can write in like make notes even keep track of the good bad and ugly on a player hmm Aside from making a thread dedicated to each member? Or any other suggestions
I like this idea, too. On the bottom of their account info page that Admins can see, using timestamped notes. that can be added/removed.

Also, would be nice if it logged changes made to an account on the same screen. Such as rank change, email address change, adding a new character, etc.

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Interesting ideas. They definitely make sense. Thanks!

It's all in the reflexes.
If this can be dome it would allow for we GL to see changes at a glance, as mu guild grows it is becoming increasingly more confusing lol! I think this would be so helpful

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