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Officers moving threads

Officers moving threads
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Hi Chops,

for some reason Im getting info from my officers that they suddently can't move threads to different forums

I haven't really changed anything, and when I look at my settings I can't see what should be causing this.........

Can you have a quick look and see if you can figure it out?
I'm not sure if this setting has changed on your site, but the code definitely hasn't changed. Currently, the only users with the ability to change thread tags are those with "forumadmin" privileges in Admin > Security > Feature Access, which, on your site, only has "Guild Master" rank as the only acceptable rank for that.

Alternatively, you could set the permission individually on Admin > Website Accounts.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ohh damn my bad - I had each forum set individually but had that part missed!

Thanks a bunch chops - sry bout that

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