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How to import web dkp into my site

How to import web dkp into my site
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How to import web dkp into my site
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I am using web dkp and jsut created a site through the dkp systems. I was trying to import the web dkp and it is telling me no csv file found. Is there a way to convert the lua to a csv or am I jsut doing this all wrong? I do have experience with the web and I gues si have to add one more lesson under my belt cuz i cant figure this one out. Can someone please help :)
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Hi, sorry for the delay on this one.

WebDKP should have an export option for exporting to CSV, either from the mod, or from the WebDKP interface - in that I'm not particularly sure.

If you want, go ahead and upload the .lua file here (click "File attachments" when using the "Full Reply"), and I can look into building an importer for the lua file as well as the CSV.

It's all in the reflexes.

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