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email cloaking ?

email cloaking ?
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email cloaking ?
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Creator Misen
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Hi Chops,

Could there be an option in the application forms to hide email addresses from public view, so that people who are applying to our guild don't get their email shown for every spambot to see?

Just a thought
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If the concern is beating the spambots, I'm pretty sure the current email cloaking is pretty proactive. To demonstrate, try disabling javascript temporarily and see how the email addresses render.

For example, if I were to use my email address here:


the HTML (if you do View Source) is this:

<span class=bbcemail><span class=bbcemailname>sigmastar</span><span class=bbchidden style='display:none'>[deleteme]</span><span class=bbcat>&#64;</span><span class=bbchidden style='display:none'>[deleteme]</span><span class=bbcdomain>gmail.com</span></span>

Which is later read by javascript and is tweaked to turn into a clickable email address.

That said, I could possibly make something to hide email addresses in general from users who aren't logged in.

It's all in the reflexes.

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