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General Issues with Chrome

General Issues with Chrome
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I've been having several issues when using Google>Chrome.
  1. Posting of Snapshots fails everytime, I have to use IE to successfully upload.
  2. Sending a News Letter fails as well

Those are the two main issues atm for Chrome, I don't know if it's a PHP or XML issue next time I'll try and debug it.

On a side note, Dreamwalker still isn't working right. The encounter still requires a manual snapshot.
I'm not able to reproduce the issue with uploading snapshots or sending newsletters with Chrome - it works for me just fine (Chrome is also my main browser).

What version of Chrome are you running?
What extensions do you have?

Out of curiosity, if you change the User-Agent (Check out the Chrome UA Spoofer extension), does the problem remain?

It's all in the reflexes.

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