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Question about the calender feature

Question about the calender feature
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Is there a way that i can set it up so that people who are taking a break to be able to post something into the calender that they are not gonna be on. We dont really use the sign up feature for events, just more or less have them listed there

But what i would like to do is be able to say have so and so member
lets call them member a, be able to post that they are not going to make it from lets say from 9/10/10 to 9/20/10 and they could post that onto the calender?

We had this feature in another guild i was in, and we could post days we were not going to be on.

If so can ya tell me what would be the "best" way to set this up for people, and if not. Would it be something to maybe add down the road

Thanks again Chops for providing this kick arse guild system.
Currently, this isn't an option. Though, it sounds like a semi-familiar suggestion (as if someone might have suggested it in the past).

I'll take it under consideration.

It's all in the reflexes.

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