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using a remote forum page

using a remote forum page
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using a remote forum page
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Creator Bojsen
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First of all i like to that you for this great service.

Can i use a remote forum with this service?

We love the homepage and how it works with dkp and all other stuff, but we like to use another Forum? is there a way to make a new Forum button and link it to a webadress where we have another forum?

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Yup, the only real caveat is that it would require separate logins (ie, the login from your DKPSystem.com site would not be linked with your login in your forum).

If you head to Admin > Menus > Menu Administration, you can disable the "Forum" link, and add a new one in its place specifying the URL of the externally hosted forum.

It's all in the reflexes.
ahhh... ok, i will look in to it... thanks for fast replay
You're welcome!

It's all in the reflexes.
i have done as you guided and it worked well.... just one thing. i want to have it on the site ( not pop up in new window) and it shows up there. but i need to change the Height on it. default it´s 450 but when i change it to more nothing happens.

do you know why?
Change it to something like "1200px" (be sure to include the "px")

It's all in the reflexes.
it worked gr8. thanks again

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