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6/19/08 4:43pm
The Big Update is done! What's next?
12/19/07 6:36pm
'Tis the season, eh?
10/3/07 7:47am
An Apology
8/13/07 11:34pm
Two Exciting New Things in the Very Near Future!
There were lots and lots of requests that ultimately all added up to a single massive solution.

"How can I limit event signups to a particular list?" "My DKP List is too big, and doing data entry is a pain, how do I shorten that list?" "How can I make a separate application process for members who want promotions?" "How can I change members' signups?" "My guild plays WoW and LOTRO, how can I su (more)
'Tis the season, eh?
12/19/07 6:36pm
My "Blog-Update-Frequency" so far as has been a staggering "one-update-every-two-months." Usually, I just prefer doing the work, rather than talking about it, but because some of you are excited to see what's coming down the pipeline, I'll toss out some things about what I've been working on since getting Married in October (hence my previous apology for the slow updates at the time).

So, as t (more)
An Apology
10/3/07 7:47am
In business, and more particularly, when you offer a service or product in exchange for payment, the recipient of the product doesn't want excuses for why things don't work, they want the problem solved. No amount of "I'm Sorry"s will solve their problem.

That stated, I haven't been as proficient as I usually am when it comes to developing new features and interface changes, and unfortunately (more)
So, I've decided that I'll put up a blog post. I've never blogged in my life, but I figured I have some interesting tidbits for those of you who might be curious about the mind behind DKPSystem.com.

Right now, I've got several huge things coming down the pipeline: things that are LONG overdue.

First, the entire DKPSystem.com site is getting a redesign. That's right. The shades of grey and (more)