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GRSS - Recent Loot History

GRSS - Recent Loot History
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GRSS - Recent Loot History
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Creator zanthorx
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In utilizing GRSS for managing our raids loot I have come to love the tool. Our guild uses random 100 with a tiered priority system based off of main/alt spec etc. With the addition of the Bid + Roll option we are utilizing this to facilitate quick looting.

Ideally we would like to pick the item, click Start, and 30 seconds later click stop and know who the loot goes to. In order t o do this however we need to know some details...

Offspec, Mainspec - Taken care of by the mod.

First item or 2nd+ item... has this person looted already tonight? If we could see a history of items the selected user has won it would greatly facilitate our needs.
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