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GRSS - Bid + Roll

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GRSS - Bid + Roll
Creator zanthorx
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Status Open
Type Bug
Section of the Site Game Addons/Importers
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Posted this but see there's an actual ticket system instead of just posting a ticket thread :). Included in this post are both the problem and the solution.

Quote by zanthorx
Ok, I've played with this a fair amount and the sorting is screwed up on the list unless everyone does /w !bid # before anyone /rolls.

Once rolls come in, any /w !bid will resort the list and make it very difficult to figure out who won the roll.

Rolls, no whispers.

Whispers and sort is jacked.

Please forgive the sample set of characters, their names make it nice and easy to sort ;).

Quote by zanthorx
line 1339 of guildraidsnapshot.lua


if GRSS_BidRolls==1 then GRSSSortBy("roll") else GRSSSortBy("bid") end
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4240 days ago
Chops Said:
Thanks mate, I'll get these fixes in the mod ASAP.
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