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Archive posts?

Archive posts?
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Not sure if there's already a functional way to do this or not, but if there is please let me know how. Since our site is like 3 years old, we have some old posts that we do still use from time to time, but would like to somehow Archive so they're not on the main list.

I created an "Archive" forum thread tag and made it so that only myself and my Admin can see them still, but it would be great to have them no longer show on the forums at all for us. As GM there's no way I've been able to figure out to actually put threads into an area I can't see unless I want to see it (without using the Classic view, but that seems so archaic to me anymore).

A great example of what I'm talking about is like what works with applications. If we no longer need to look at the Application we can toggle it and Archive it. Then its no longer seen on the list. Is there a way we could do this with posts and have them go to an "Archived" area?
Currently, there is not an archive function, but that's definitely on the lis o f things to do.

It's all in the reflexes.

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