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Really Want Awards Option

Really Want Awards Option
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Really Want Awards Option
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Creator Valdaglerion
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It's been asked before but I really, really (did I say really?) want to be able to award medals on our website. Some members go the extra mile and it behooves (don't get to say that word every day) a smart guild leader to recognize their efforts publicly.

Other hosting sites have that option. On this forum page, for example, member awards are displayed below their name in the sidebar when they post:

The same host also allows small thumbnails of the awards to show on the roster:

This host also has tools for giving awards:

There are others but I don't want to bore you. ;) I'd just really like to have the ability to create awards on the admin panel, link them to an image and description, then award them to members on both their roster entry and to have them appear under their name in the left sidebar in the forums.
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Thanks again. This is a pretty neat thing, and I'll look into adding this.

It's all in the reflexes.

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