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Having problems tracking who has/has not read your guild rules...

Having problems tracking who has/has not read your guild rules...
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Having problems tracking who has/has not read your guild rules...
6/6 (100.0%) Sounds like it would work for you
0/6 (0.0%) Sounds like, no workie for my guild

Ok this is what I did, I got the <Code of Conduct> completed, some my own, some copied from internet but nonetheless it is now posted, here was the delima , I was putting in guild chat and on the MOTD
  • "Ok the Code of Conduct is now available for all to read, please go to the web site and check it out"
Ok you know when ppl in the guild do not read the rules, cause they are still looting while fighting is going on and so on...

[Guild][Shamanistic]: Hey did you read the Code of Conduct
[Guild][Tylures]: Yea... i think i did... yea last week

Ok so you know what I am talking about so I had to come up with a way to track all that read the rules, I could of posted something on the Forums... but that would have been far to combersome, so this is what I did... after reading the "Guide" I put this at the very end of the guide:

To Verify you have read these rules do the following...
  1. Go to your character screen
  2. Scroll down and click the <Edit> button
  3. On the right of the screen you will see...
    • <Attunments, Completed Quests>
  4. Check the box the says the following...
    • I have read and understand the Code of Conduct
  5. Scroll down again and Click Save
  6. Congradulations you are completed... ThankYou

So just go to your Admin Menu and go to the Attunment section and add the Code of Conduct/Rules there, and I gave it a code of "CC". So now it shows up on the guild roster with a CC on the right as to who has read it and who has not. I just implmented this, so I sent a Mass mail out, using the CTMailMod, to all guild members to read the Code of Conduct that have 1 week to comply from the date that the mail was opened. or Booted!!! cya Have great Questing... please let me know what ya think by using the poll. thanks.

Very clever approach.

It's all in the reflexes.
This is a VERY cool thing.

Chops, there a chance of getting a REVERSE functionality of the "Keys and Attunements" where it would only show those who are NOT attuned? This would be extremely useful for moderate to large sized guilds.

Band of Idiots

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