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Item Creation of Normal/Warforged/Heroic etc.

Item Creation of Normal/Warforged/Heroic etc.
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Hi Chops,

Looking for an answer as to whether or not it's possible to add items with the proper item level. I only saw one post related to this where you said that the item name needed to end in ;;heroic in order to get the heroic version. Is it built in at this point that we can do a ;;normal or ;;warforged instead of always getting the LFR version?

I also cannot get the heroic tag to work, what's the syntax like?

ItemName;;heroic or something like ItemName ;;heroic

I'll play around with the scraping script to see why it's not working as expected. But it's *supposed* to work for the different levels.

It's all in the reflexes.
Hey Chops,

Not sure if you took a look at this, but the following syntax does appear to be working:

Reality Ripper Ring;;Item Level 553

However, the other item levels do not appear to be working:

Reality Ripper Ring;;Item Level 540 (Flex)
Reality Ripper Ring;;Item Level 559 (Warforged)
Reality Ripper Ring;;Item Level 566 (Heroic)
Reality Ripper Ring;;Item Level 572 (Heroic Warforged)

The 553 item level will present the correct link, but the others will show as the yellow text with no WoWHead information found.

Thanks again,
Well Chops, it appears that you have fixed everything! All item levels are showing up properly now when using the proper syntax. I now have an additional request, and one that I would guess would be a feature request as I don't think it's as easy to fix.

After an item is created with the proper syntax to have it pull the right item level, if that item is then used in the "Items Received" section, it will display the full syntax instead of either a link, or just the item name.

I ask because we used to have latest items received as one of our items on the homepage, but it had to be taken down. I'd like to up that back up in the future if possible.


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