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Gallery scroller thingie?

Gallery scroller thingie?
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Is there a way to set up the gallery to be able to scroll through the images with like a left and right button instead of having to go out of every image to go to the next? I got a guy that is trying to help us with recruiting, but he's soooo into the gallery stuff. Says that most people don't use the gallery or look at it because it's antiquated and cumbersome.

If there's something I can do to make him shut up about this, it would be amazing! LOL! It's all with good intention, but the nitpicking gets a lil old. Any ideas?

I'm sure he's talking about something like THIS.
Yeah, I need to add that. He's completely right to complain about it.

It's all in the reflexes.
Hey Chops, I was asked again tonight about this lil feature so I thought I'd check back in with you on it. He said there maybe some kind of widget (?) out there that can do this as well, but isn't sure if we'd be able to incorporate it. Not trying to bug you about it or anything, just thought I'd ask since it seems to be some life goal of one of our officers. LOL!
Figured I'd check in again, anyone know how I could make something like this?
Since I'm here, I figured I'd bump this again.
Bumpin' again, tryin to get everything set up for Legion.

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