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omega site down - please fix

omega site down - please fix
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Chops, or anyone who can, we screwed something up by adding some code trying to get a logging site to appear on our sidebar. Now when we log in we lose the ability to access the admin/menu system to fix the problem we created.

Mikka is the user who has been trying to fix it, herself and myself are the leaders of our group. She will probably post here. If you could help us out it would be awesome. Or in the least, revert it back to how it was on your last backup if we had to do that.


Sidebar item is restricted to members so site looks fine until logged into site as member or higher

I tried multiple browsers and logging in from a mobile device just in case they looked different.
still down, cannot access admin
Fixed, and again, I'm so sorry for the non-response.

It's all in the reflexes.

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